8/13: Removed axles from main gear legs to assess the possibility of rotating the Beringer brake calipers. (As installed, the calipers would hit the pavement in the event of a flat tire.) Conclusion: The gear leg interferes with the brake assembly if the assembly is oriented with the caliper above the center of the axle. But adding a spacer between the axle and the gear leg would cure that problem.

8/15: Designed spacers to insert between the brake calipers and the gear legs based on the axle template drawing in the Beringer catalog (see image below). The spacers will be 17mm thick with the four bolt holes drilled as shown (brake holes not needed, obviously). And for weight-saving purposes, the center will be drilled out so that there's the same width of material on either side of the holes. Passed this info to Aaron Burhoe so that he can manufacture the parts. Re-bolted the axles to the gear legs, and mounted the brake discs and wheels pending delivery of the spacers.

Beringer Axle Template

8/23: Ordered an Aviation Products tailwheel assembly, model #6134: dual fork, 6" tire, 20-degree angle.