Feb 6: Removed the old instrument panel using an oscillating cutter. (It was scary just how easily it cut through the carbon/honeycomb sandwich!)

Old panel


Feb 7: De-bonded, ground out, and sanded off the remnants of the bonds that attached the old instrument panel to the fuselage canopy bow and the top of the spar box.

Feb. 11: Removed the Light Speed ignition box from the back of the firewall. Labeled some disconnected wiring. Organized hardware.

Feb. 15: Removed the MGL D/A converter panel, CHT probes, and EGT probes. Taped over the resulting holes in the cylinder heads and exhaust pipes.

Rear of firewall after removing final piece of hardware


Feb. 20-24: Removed wiring. Removed control stick. Removed A-to-D converter (?) from underneath seat.

Feb. 27: Finished wiring removal.

Fuel bay - wiring removed

Wiring removed - view from cockpit