From Oshkosh 2018 seminars on composites in general and carbon in particular.

Alphapoxy: use for fillers, easier to sand
Aeropoxy and MGS are examples of high strength aircraft epoxy. 

Bias ply cloth conforms well to complex shapes. 

Aeropoxy has a lower thermal expansion coefficient than West System, and can be post-cure heated to gain strength and heart resistance. 

Use big scissors (14") from Harbor Freight to cut carbon cloth 

Apply wax to molds for easy release. Chem-lease is a specialty product.

Get silver Sharpies for marking plastic sheeting used in carbon cloth lay-ups.

Aeropoxy PH3663: thin, good for vacuum bagging

Use a seam roller to seal vacuum bagging tape

Green "high elongation" bagging film

Multi speed vibrating tool for trimming carbon parts. Use a thin diamond blade.

Thicker parts: side angle grinder (?)