Fuel System

The fuel system will be configured as three separate tanks: left wing, acro/center, and right wing. Each will have its own vent, overflow, and fuel level sender. (My old G-200 originally tied the two wing tanks together but small differences in the venting caused fuel to feed unevenly, resulting in unbalanced conditions.)

I'll use a four-position Andair valve, model FS20X5F (Left/Main/Right/Off, see image below). Potential mounting locations:

  • Left side of the fuselage, with the face plate vertical
  • In the 90-degree angle between the left side of the fuselage and the seat, with the face plate horizontal
  • On the instrument panel, below the EFIS display, with the face plate vertical (Q: is that asking too much for the fuel to "climb" up from the wings, then back down again? Will the fuel pump(s) self-prime if a tank is run dry? Per Phil: no and yes.)

Andair fuel valve