The goal is one glass Primary Flight Display that controls all avionics: comm radio, xpdr, and audio. This implies remote-mounted units slaved to the PFD. We'll also need room for a sequence card holder or, better yet, a way to display an image of a sequence card on the PFD.

General layout:

  • "T" shape with a curved top that follows the canopy bow
  • Mixture and prop control and air vent on a fixed piece, upper left
  • Air vent on a fixed piece, upper right
  • Fuel selector valve on a fixed piece at the bottom of the "T"
    • Need some sort of slanted attachment to the spar box
  • The main portion of the panel will attach to the front of the canopy bow with a hinge above the fuel selector that allows the panel to tip aft for maintenance
    • Run all panel wiring to the bottom of the tilting section and then bend it upwards, to avoid strain when the panel is tilted
    • Top attachment
      • Through-bolts with sleeves potted into the bow to prevent crushing, or
      • Threaded inserts potted into the bow


  • Locking toggle switches for the electronic ignition and magneto (the kind you have to pull towards you in order to move them, like this: Because of their critical nature, I might position these switches on the upper left side of the instrument panel, away from the other switches.
  • Regular toggle switches for most functions, positioned along the bottom of the instrument panel
    • Master
    • Alternator
    • Avionics master
    • Position lights
    • Strobes
    • Landing light (three positions: off, flashing, and on)
    • Cowl flaps (if electric)
  • Two-element controls for engine start, e.g. a "Start Enable" guarded toggle switch on the panel plus a button on the control stick
    • Leave the left hand free to move between throttle, mixture, and boost pump

Circuit breakers: traditional standalone units, either positioned below the corresponding switches in or a separate bank.

Additional features:

  • USB charging ports
  • Cigarette plug socket?
  • Music input jack
  • Mounting point for a portable GPS holder (could be as simple as a flange to clamp onto)