Aft Fuselage

  • Build triangular stiffeners that connect the sides of the fuselage to the top of the seat back
  • Nitrous tank mounts
    • Remove both, or re-use one for O2?
  • Add an entry step, a la N220DJ
    • Use 4130 streamline tubing running the width of the fuselage + enough room to step on outside the fuselage (~5")
    • Weld a plate on the outboard end of the tubing to seal it
    • Cut a hole in the fuselage side in the same shape as the tubing and reinforce it per standard composite procedures
    • Bond carbon load-spreading pads to the inside of the fuselage
    • Bond a carbon sleeve for the tubing to the load pads; could be full-width, or just 4-6" on either side.
    • Drill a hole in the sleeve and the tubing, and tap the tubing to allow a stop-bolt that keeps the tube from sliding inside the sleeve
    • Alternate idea: Make the tubing the same width as the fuselage and build a spring retraction mechanism
    • Alternate idea: Build an MX-style step using two pieces of steamlined tubing, welded on an angle such that it comes up through the floor, viz:

      MX Step - interior view
  • Add baggage system
    • Shelf vs. box vs. hooks vs. hammock
    • Might be a job for Click Bond